Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn is now available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam®.
In celebration of the launch, new illustrations of Alphen and the six, a launch trailer as well as the DLC’s soundtrack have also been released today.

Launch Trailer

A launch trailer has been unveiled today, focusing on Nazamil’s loneliness and struggles. Watch now:

What is

The flames of war erect an all-new barrier as a forgotten mask awakens...
Tales of Arise - Beyond the Dawn begins one year after the conclusion of the original Tales of Arise. Alphen and the rest of the Six are caught between being revered as the Liberating Hero of Dahna and reviled as the Destroyer of Rights by Renans. By chance, Alphen and his party meet a young girl named Nazamil, who is the daughter of a Renan Lord and a Dhanan. Will the six be able to change the fate of the girl who will eventually fall under the curse of the mask? Explore the world again with party members who are connected with a strong bond, experience exciting new challenges and see a world that is at once familiar yet evolved since the conclusion of the original story.

Original Soundtrack Available

In line with the launch of Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn, the sound label, Bandai Namco Game Music, has released the DLC’s soundtrack on various distribution platforms today. For more information, please visit:
What is Bandai Namco Game Music?
Bandai Namco Game Music is a sound label from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. that delivers its appeal to the world with a focus on game music.
In addition to IPs created by the company such as PAC-MAN, TEKKEN, Taiko Drum Master, ACE COMBAT and the Tales of series, the soundtrack for ELDEN RING and various other games and services created in cooperation with partners and group companies will be distributed sequentially.
The company has a total of more than 4,000 pieces of game music — ranging from 8-bit sounds that have influenced musicians around the world to live full orchestra recordings that are often used in modern RPG games.
The company aims to further expand game music by collaborating with its existing sound label, ASOBINOTES, which produces IP, music, and projects beyond the boundaries of games.

“Classic Characters Costume & Arranged BGM Pack” Available Today

The DLC’s "Classic Characters Costume & Arranged BGM Pack," which includes character costumes and five battle BGM tracks arranged by Motoi Sakuraba, is now available. This DLC content can be used in both the main Tales of Arise game, as well as its Beyond the Dawn DLC.
For more information, please watch the trailer below:

DLC Content

    Characters from previous "Tales of" series

      Special hairstyles, costumes, and weapons that imitate:\

        Alphen (Ludger)

        Shionne (Velvet)

        Rinwell (Rita)

        Law (Jude)

        Kisara (Flynn)

        Dohalim (Jade)

    New battle BGM specially arranged by Motoi Sakuraba

      5 songs included

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