Dear ONE PIECE fans,
Thank you for playing ONE PIECE ODYSSEY.
We’d like to share the different methods on how you can go about switching your in-game text and subtitles from English to Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.
PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4: Please change the System Language to Thai/Bahasa Indonesian STEAM®: - For Bahasa Indonesia, please change the PC Language System Settings to Bahasa Indonesian - For Thai, right-click the game in your Steam Library > Select Properties > Select Language > Select Thai

For Bahasa Indonesia
For Thai

For Bahasa Indonesia
For Thai
For Bahasa Indonesia
Press Win Key and type Language Settings

Click on Add A Language

Type 'Indonesian' and download the language pack "Bahasa Indonesia"

Under "Windows Display Language" , select "Bahasa Indonesia" from the drop down list. Restart computer once selected
For Thai
Right click game in STEAM and select "Properties..."

Under Language, select "Thai"
We hope this will help you have a better in-game experience with ONE PIECE ODYSSEY.
Thank you for your continuous support.