Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has released two videos highlighting new content in TEKKEN™ 8, the next title in the legendary fighting game franchise coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam®. An all-new trailer reveals that Nina Williams, the silent assassin who first appeared in the original TEKKEN™, is blasting her way back onto the roster in the upcoming game. The company also released a developer video showcasing new game play elements that are bringing an “aggressive” style of play to the series. 
Nina Williams is bringing back her smooth and deadly fighting style inspired by various martial arts. As a trained assassin, she's also armed with weapons to help defeat her foes in style. For TEKKEN 8, the development team has completely reworked Nina’s character model for new-generation game platforms. Her moves and techniques are also enhanced, including introducing new abilities to fit with the philosophy of “aggressiveness” in the game’s new combat system. Nina Williams joins previously announced characters in TEKKEN 8 that include Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, Jack-8, and Lars Alexandersson. 
The TEKKEN 8 developer video features Katsuhiro Harada, executive director on TEKKEN Project, and Kohei Ikeda (Nakatsu), chief director on TEKKEN Project, as they detail the different elements that make up this “aggressive” game play philosophy. The video provides the deepest look yet at thrilling enhancements to the combat system which promise to add new depth, weight, and atmosphere to TEKKEN’s signature battles. 
Nina Williams reveal trailer 

TEKKEN 8 developer video

Aside from TEKKEN 8, it was also announced at the TEKKEN World Tour 2022 Global Finals that next year’s tournament, TEKKEN World Tour 2023, will be coming this March as an entirely in-person TEKKEN 7 competitive event. The tournament will feature a global leaderboard, with results tallied from region free and in-person MASTER+, MASTER, CHALLENGER, and DOJO events held throughout the world. The top players from each event type will be awarded with points, with the highest point earners on the global leaderboard eventually advancing to the Global Finals to fight for the title TEKKEN World Tour 2023 Champion
This year’s initial MASTER+, MASTER, CHALLENGER, and DOJO in-person competitions begin at EVO Japan on March 31, followed up with MIXUP in Lyon, France on April 22. For more information on event dates, locations, and signups, please visit, and spread the word on social media with #TWT2023.  
During TEKKEN World Tour 2023, players will have several opportunities to earn points and climb the leaderboards via several types of events. These include: 
DOJO Events  Beginning in mid-March, tournament organisers can enter their applications for DOJO events directly through the TEKKEN Esports Tournament Portal. DOJO events for TEKKEN World Tour 2023 will start from March 31. These events are offline, in-person competitions open to all players around the world, with the number of awarded points being scaled according to the number of participants.  Live streams and stream verification will now be required for all participating DOJOs. For tournament organizers, more information will be coming soon on the official website.  
MASTER+, MASTER and CHALLENGER Events  With these events, players will be able to freely participate and earn points at events all over the world. These are officially supported and the stakes are higher with more points awarded for the global leaderboard.  
Check out the all-new TEKKEN World Tour 2023 trailer here: 

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