CODE VEIN Known Issues – 27th September

We are aware of an issue with multiplayer in Cathedral of the Sacred Blood area that may cause player not be able to progress the story.

〈Known Issue〉

If you join a multiplayer session immediately after defeating the last boss in Cathedral of the Sacred Blood without triggering all of the follow up cutscenes, upon finishing the multiplayer session player character will respawn outside of the boss area and no longer able to re-enter, thus unable to progress the story.

※You will still be able to visit areas before the Cathedral and depth fields if you encounter this issue.


While we work on the fix, we advise you to follow the workaround to avoid the issue:

・Please don’t search for any distress signals right after defeating the boss(Successor of the Ribcage) in the Cathedral,

・Keep exploring the following areas which will trigger a series of cutscenes.

・After the cutscenes, you will be able to leave the boss area as normal.

・From this point forward you can safely receive/send distress signal and start multiplay.

The cause has been identified and we will release a hotfix within the next few days to address this issue.

For latest update and more information, please visit


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